Civil Engineering Projects

Uptown Square

San Antonio, tx

The educational facilities of an existing church were repurposed and remodeled to create Uptown Square, a 3-story office tower located on a 3-acre commercial tract.

The owner of the property requested the new office building and church facility site be subdivided and re-platted into three tracts. Additionally, the adjacent tract, used as a parking facility, was to be divided and platted for commercial development. Both properties are located in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.

As requested by the owner, Cude divided and re-platted the two sites and presented several options for the existing building’s site layout.  Cude delivered the a solution for treating detained storm water which complied with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) water quality regulations.

National Swim Center


The new aquatic facility features an Olympic competition pool, dive pool with a dive tower and a lessons pool.

This new facility, which seats 2,400 people, shares its site with an existing athletics complex. With limited available space for the new facility and increased traffic and parking needs, the constraints of the  site required careful coordination of complicated structural, mechanical, and plumbing systems with the civil design to avoid conflicts and produce successful site plans.

The Cude team developed a comprehensive understanding of the systems prepared by MEP, structural, and pool consultants which allowed us to facilitate communication and coordination between different team members. Our attention to team management directly supported the successful outcome of the project. Additionally, special care was taken to integrate the swim center site with the football/track complex and accommodate the combined traffic flow and parking needs.

Medio Creek


The intent of this project was to remove as many homes as possible from Medio Creek floodplain. Flooding of the creek, located on the north side of the Sunset Subdivision, caused roughly 370 cfs of water to run through houses and streets.

The original DFIRM model did not properly acknowledge all the aspects of the site, therefore required verification before the scope could be accurately identified. Furthermore, large sewer mains run through area and because they are made of clay, if any part of the pipeline was altered, the entire system would most likely need to be replaced. Additionally, disturbing the area within the ordinary high water mark would result in major environmental impacts.

Our team began by correcting the discrepancies in the existing DFIRM study which resulted in the removal of 35 homes from the floodplain. To avoid expensive sewer trunk adjustments and the encroachment into the ordinary high water mark, Cude came up with an innovative split channel design that removes all the remaining homes from the floodplain.

Robert LB Tobin Landbridge – Hardberger Park

San Antonio, TX

The Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge was a major component of the City of San Antonio 2017 bond program. It was intended to connect Hardberger Park East to Hardberger Park West across the Wurzbach Parkway, a TxDOT Highway, providing a means for wildlife and pedestrians to safely cross the express-way corridor. The approximately $23M project was funded from the 2017 city bond program, the Texas Parks and Wildlife, and from privately raised funds.  The scope of civil design services provided by Cude Engineers included the preparation of a multi-phase traffic control plan for the installation of a 150’ wide land bride across Wurzbach Parkway to accommodate pedestrian and wildlife traffic from one side of the park to the other.

Design and construction sequencing of sidewalk and bicycle lane facilities along Wurzbach Parkway were also included to address pedestrian and bicycle traffic throughout the construction of the project.

Capitol Park Little League Park

San antonio, TX

The Capitol Park Little League Complex is a 23-acre development located in between Wetmore Road and Nacogdoches Road off of Wurzbach Parkway in San Antonio. Cude served as civil engineering subconsultant to prime firm RVK Architects and teamed with SEA for structural engineering, Spawglass as the contractor, and Alderson & Associates for MEP. Cude's design plans include 7 ballfields, two dedicated parking lots, and multiple shade pavilions.  A majority of this property is within the 100-year floodplain, which was a main challenge in the project. The existing creek combined with limited access off Wurzbach Parkway required the development of a new bridge to serve as passage for attendees.

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