Civil Engineering

At Cude Engineers, we take an integrated and collaborative approach to site design. Functional, permittable, and attractive building sites require close coordination with the design team and the owner. We address layout, grading, drainage, utility, and permitting issues in the initial stages of the design process to investigate opportunities and to proactively identify and resolve problems before they become critical issues. We then design parking, roadways, walkways, utilities, and site features to blend stormwater management, grading, and drainage into the aesthetics of the project.

Planning & Feasibility Studies

Our planners have established a standardized approach for performing site evaluations which draws upon our firm's core engineering expertise and through this process, we have honed our ability to look at all aspects of a site. Working closely with our clients, we prepare due diligence or best-use studies, evaluate sites to recommend alternative plans, and estimate the cost and development schedule to help determine the best use development for the site and to help our client make informed land purchases.

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Cude’s vast experience and network enable them to help source deals for us and use strong historical data points to ensure a project is covered from both an entitlement risk perspective & an economic perspective.
— Marc Tindall, MI Homes of San Antonio

Drainage Study & Design

Stormwater problems can cause serious issues for residents. Creating successful, drainage solutions often involves partnerships with the public, our clients, and utilities. We have experience working in these situations. Our team’s designs are practical and constructible, whether working with new or existing infrastructure. Minimizing the impact of our designs and the need for future maintenance is not simple, but it’s one of the ways we make life easier. 


Our ability to provide in-house survey services in addition to civil engineering is advantageous to our clients. Due to our integrated approach, our surveyors possess a better understanding of what information the design team requires. Our philosophy that a design is only as great as the data behind it means that our surveyors’ top priority is accuracy and thoroughness. Additionally, by working directly with our engineers, communication and collaboration between the design and survey team is immediate and continuous. 

Construction Administration

Our quality monitoring does not end with design. Our experience in construction and the implementation of projects has allowed us to develop our own procedures to support the effective tracking of record information and contractor payments during construction to help shorten closeout processes. Being a team player is important but our expertise goes beyond that – We do not relegate construction observations to inexperienced staff members; rather, we have on staff a highly-experienced, OSHA-certified field manager to provide insightful and cost-conscious field evaluation.