Public Works

Flooding Relief Drainage Project │ City of San Antonio

This project was a channel section improvement to relieve flooding within Westwood Village along a portion of the FEMA floodplain and increase conveyance of a natural channel reach.

404 permitting and environmental assessments were major components of this project. However, the potential time involved with 404 permitting, the restrictions likely to be imposed by the Corps of Engineers on the drainage improvements and the estimated costs of the improvements threatened the project's successful outcome.

Cude recommended that the City should purchase drainage easements and residential lots in lieu of the channel improvements. Our team identified a 7.5-acre tract upstream of the original channel reach where we suggested that the City could construct a regional stormwater detention facility that would decrease the peak flow in the Westwood Village area.

Drainage Improvement Project │ Bexar County Flood Control


The intent of this project was to remove as many homes as possible from Medio Creek floodplain. Flooding of the creek, located on the north side of the Sunset Subdivision, caused roughly 370 cfs of water to run through houses and streets.

The original DFIRM model did not properly acknowledge all the aspects of the site, therefore required verification before the scope could be accurately identified. Furthermore, large sewer mains run through area and because they are made of clay, if any part of the pipeline was altered, the entire system would most likely need to be replaced. Additionally, disturbing the area within the ordinary high water mark would result in major environmental impacts.

Our team began by correcting the discrepancies in the existing DFIRM study which resulted in the removal of 35 homes from the floodplain. To avoid expensive sewer trunk adjustments and the encroachment into the ordinary high water mark, Cude came up with an innovative split channel design that removes all the remaining homes from the floodplain.

Cude provides technical knowledge along with the ability to produce deliverables of the highest professional quality. They are a local firm that sets the standard in San Antonio and Bexar County.
— Todd M. Putnam, Bexar County Public Works

Large Diameter Sewer Main Installation │ San Antonio Water System

The Medina River Sewer Outfall project required the installation of approximately 11 miles of large sewer main ranging in size from 60” to 66” diameter in the new Medina River Sewershed, along with 18” and 24” diameter branch sewer mains to relieve two existing lift stations

This massive project involved multiple engineers and multiple contractors. To accommodate the client's ability to play a limited role in the day-to-day tasks, Cude's design team undertook the massive coordination efforts of design and construction management. Special attention from the design and construction management teams was necessary to educate and provide support the multiple property owners where easements were acquired along the route of the sewer line.