Sports and Recreation

High School Track Renovations │ Northside ISD

Nine existing competition tracks located on 10 different campuses needed to be updated to meet the standard 400-meter, equal quadrant tracks required by the University Interscholastic League.

Since this project spanned 10 different sites spread throughout Northside’s attendance boundaries, many site-to-site challenges were encountered such as subsurface soil conditions, drainage, and proximity and/or age of existing structures and systems. Some tracks were outfitted with aging red-dog material that needed to be replaced with an upgraded material. Additionally, the sports programs affected by the renovations needed to proceed as normal.

Cude delivered on an accelerated schedule, which was divided into two packages to accommodate sports schedules and minimize inconvenience to each campus. Our team assisted with the evaluation and selection of synthetic track surfacing options and supported Northside ISD with presenting the proposed systems to the board. When problems were encountered with highly expansive soils, Cude coordinated soil analyses and worked closely with the geotechnical engineer to understand the specific issues and develop corrective measures.

Cude has provided service to Northside ISD for over 20 years. In doing so, a strong working relationship has developed that touches various aspects including trust, skill, experience, and efficiency to name a few.
— Leroy SanMiguel, Asst. Superintendent for Facilities and Operations, NISD

National Swim Center │ Northside ISD

The new aquatic facility features an Olympic competition pool, dive pool with a dive tower and a lessons pool.

This new facility, which seats 2,400 people, shares its site with an existing athletics complex. With limited available space for the new facility and increased traffic and parking needs, the constraints of the  site required careful coordination of complicated structural, mechanical, and plumbing systems with the civil design to avoid conflicts and produce successful site plans.

The Cude team developed a comprehensive understanding of the systems prepared by MEP, structural, and pool consultants which allowed us to facilitate communication and coordination between different team members. Our attention to team management directly supported the successful outcome of the project. Additionally, special care was taken to integrate the swim center site with the football/track complex and accommodate the combined traffic flow and parking needs.