Rehabilitated Elementary School │ Southwest ISD

Hidden Cove Elementary was demolished and completely re-built and required an entirely new drainage system be implemented.

Due to highly expansive soils causing slab movement, 30,000 square feet of the existing slab-on-grade building had to be demolished. Additionally, the existing drainage culvert that ran underneath the suspended slab portion of the existing building had to be abandoned.

Cude designed a French drain system along the new foundation to protect it from expansive soils and to prevent moisture infiltration into the sub-floor. Sub-floor grading with mudslab and a sump pump system was incorporated into the overall design. Because the original drainage system ran through the middle of the building footprint, our team re-platted the drainage easement so that it was re-routed away from the building. Cude incorporated the necessary drainage facility relocation into the on-site private drainage system to create an efficient, cost-effective, overall drainage solution.

New High School │ Northside ISD

The design and construction of Brennan High School included athletic facilities such as baseball and softball fields, football practice field and tennis courts.

The existing site slopes presented grading and drainage design challenges. Additionally, there were more than 11,000 trees on the site which presented a challenge to the survey team. To accommodate the 101 foot grade differential, Cude used a variety of drainage structures, modular block and concrete retaining walls, site ramps, and risers. Our team developed a method of differentiating between tree classes (heritage, significant, etc.) on the site plans to help the landscape architect to plan tree preservation. 

New Elementary School │ Judson ISD

Copperfield Elementary, a new 113,405 square foot facility located in Converse, Texas, was built on an expedited schedule.

The campus is located in area of highly expansive soils which required special attention. Cude developed a plan to implement various methods of soil stabilization that would maximize performance while still remaining within budget. The construction schedule for the new school was limited to 10 months, so the Cude team worked diligently with City of Converse inspectors and the general contractor to ensure the District met their established deadline.

We worked side-by-side through small municipality politics and budget limitations. The Cude team understood our tight 10-month project and came through quickly when the need arose.
— Daniel Kershner, Executive Director of Operations, Judson ISD